Licytacje aut

Auta poleasingowe,zajęcia komornicze

* Ogólne warunki sprzedaży * Warunki eksportu Firmy lub osoby zainteresowane zakupem aut z licytacji powinny przygotować odpowiednie dokumenty skan- dowodu osobistego - wpis oraz Nip firmy - osoby prywatne tylko skan dowodu. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONDITIONS OF SALES To take part into the auctions it is required to produce: * YOUR IDENTITY CARD OR YOUR PASSPORT * A GUARANTEE OF PAYMENT BY CHECK ONLY FOR ANY VEHICLE SOLD BY AUCTION: - OF Euros 500 FOR ANY KNOCKED DOWN PRICE INFERIOR TO Euros 8000 €, - OF Euros 800 FOR ANY KNOCKED DOWN PRICE EQUAL OR ABOVE Euros 8000 €. Any check from a company must be accompanied by KBIS of the Company and a copy of the identity of the manager. AUSTRALE CHARGES A PREMIUM TO THE BUYER ON THE FINAL BID PRICE OF EACH LOT SOLD AT THE FOLLOWING RATE EXCLUDING V.A.T: 11 % HT (13,156 % INCLUSIVE V.A.T). + 68 € TECHNICAL CONTROL. VEHICLES PAYMENT TERMS PAYMENT FOR VEHICLES IS TO BE MADE WITHIN 3 DAYS FROM THE AUCTION DAY: UNTIL THURSDAY 5 P.M. SOLELY VIA CASHIER CHECK or POST CHECK (Check set out by a French bank or the French post). AS A SAFETY MEASURE, NO CASH PAYMENT WILL BE ACCEPTED ! CAUTION ANY BUYER WHOSE VEHICLE IS NOT PAID IN DUE TIME WILL BE CHARGED WITH PARKING FEES AMOUNTING TO 20€ BY DAY AND BY VEHICLE (from the Friday following the auction day). ANY DEFAULT OF PAYMENT FOR A PURCHASED VEHICLE WITHIN 8 DAYS AFTER THE AUCTION DAY WILL AUTOMATICALLY PUT THE VEHICLE BACK TO SALE AND THE GUARANTEE OF PAYMENT WILL BE IRRECOVERABLE. NO CLAIM WILL BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT.